Increase Facebook App Interaction With Action LinksThis week, Facebook introduced Action Links, which offer a new way for people to interact with your Timeline app.

Earlier this year, Facebook introduced Open Graph apps, which enable fans to interact with brands on the social network. Through these apps individuals can share updates based on actions, rather than the default Like.

Action Links are customizable links that will appear below your app’s post on Timelines or within News Feeds. They will enable your fans to take specific actions related to your app, and aren’t limited to Facebook’s built-in actions — such as Read, Listen, and Watch.

“Action links tie one action to another, and can be part of any Open Graph story,” explained Alex Wyler, a Facebook software engineer. “Developers can designate an action link for any action they define, which will then appear throughout Facebook.”

For example, if someone checks in on Foursquare and shares it on Timeline, friends can Like or comment on it. With Action Links, Foursquare is able to add “Save this Place,” a new option that enables visitors to save a venue to their Foursquare to-do list directly from the social network.

With so many opportunities, it’s very possible that the addition of Action Links will boost engagement with your app, as well as your product. For more information on how to get started with Action Links, visit Facebook’s Developers Blog.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Scott Beale]