Some Facebook members are now able to edit the posts they’ve shared on the social network. Although the ability to edit comments has been around for nearly a year, this marks the first time you’d be able to tweak the original post.

An AllFacebook reader discovered the new-ish functionality, which was displayed in a public post made by Facebook’s Nick Schrock. In his screenshot, you can see Schrock’s original text followed by an extra line noting an edit was made. A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed that this is something the site is testing, but didn’t share any further details.

In the meantime, Chief Technologist at ArCompany Danny Brown noted that an editing work-around currently exists if the post is image-led — meaning that you uploaded a photo accompanied by text. To edit the image’s description, click on the photo itself and select ‘Edit’ from the buttons on the right to change the text.

Because a complete editing feature isn’t yet available for status updates and posts, it’s not a bad idea to have a team member review your posts before they’re published. A second pair of eyes can catch those pesky typos that love to sneak up on us, as well as make sure that your message sets the right tone for the intended audience.

If made permanent, the ability to edit a post would be especially handy for community managers and customer service reps. You wouldn’t have to recreate a post or lose context by publishing a new one for minor updates and changes.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Angelo Amboldi]