Easily Identify Messages Sent to You by Important Twitter Users in Sprout SocialHave you ever been mentioned in a Tweet by someone and let it go unacknowledged, only to find out later that person was a tastemaker or influencer in your industry? Now you can save yourself the embarrassment and quickly identify messages from individuals important to your organization by using Sprout Social’s custom VIP list.

What’s more, we’ve enhanced the design of highlighting these users within Sprout so you can easily spot messages that may impact your business.

Custom VIP List

Corporate and Enterprise users can build a custom list of Twitter handles to monitor with Sprout’s new VIP list. Use this list to keep an eye on incoming messages that may impact your business or reputation, right from the Smart Inbox.

This feature enables brands to:

  • Add followers who are vocal about complaints to limit the spread of negative sentiment.
  • Target people relevant to your organization so you can participate in the conversation.
  • Keep track of people (at the agency level) most important to your clients, including tastemakers and competitors.

Create a Custom Twitter User VIP List in Sprout Social

VIPs are identified by a dark blue bar beneath their avatar so anyone from your team can identify and escalate these messages, whether immediately responding or passing along to a stakeholder or client. If you have a lot of VIPs, you can add up to 1,000 handles to the list.

Improved Influencer Indicators

We’ve also replaced our previous influencer score with the number of Twitter followers, broken into three tiers, to make it easy to identify messages that will likely be seen by a lot of people.

At the same time, we replaced the star indicator with colored bars, just like the VIP list, so high-profile brands can keep a pulse on handles with a large following that are tweeting at them.

Sprout’s new indicators are:

  • Light blue: 2–10K followers
  • Green: 10K–100K followers
  • Orange: 100K+ followers
Improved Twitter Influencer Indicators in Sprout Social

Of course, we will continue to work on enhancements that make our customers’ lives easier. Stay tuned for more updates.