Don’t Let Time Limits Stop You From Creating Powerful Videos

Despite early skepticism around auto-play videos in Facebook’s News Feed, video viewership on the social network has doubled in the past six months. In fact, thanks to tools like Instagram video and Vine, video is exploding everywhere. This increase in popularity has challenged brands to create higher quality videos in tighter timeframes in order to grab viewers’ attention right away.

Whether you’re sharing on Instagram or creating a Facebook Premium Video Ad, you only have 15 seconds to work with. If you don’t capture the attention of viewers right away, you risk them scrolling past your update and onto someone else’s. It seems like there’s a lot of pressure riding on those 15 seconds, but these three brands prove that it’s an achievable goal.

In fact, the duration couldn’t be more perfect.


If you follow Ford across its social media profiles, it’s undeniable that the 110-year-old car manufacturer can do no wrong. What’s so great about the company’s strategy is that it always uses the right themes and tone of voice despite being active across so many different platforms.

In this example, Ford asked kids to help design a dream car for their moms and then brought those ideas to life in short video spurts. Although a longer version can be found on YouTube, the brand successfully repurposed this content for Instagram and Facebook’s News Feed.


Although this video was created for Instagram, it could perfectly be translated into a Premium Video Ad on Facebook. It meets all of our best practice criteria in that it’s succinct, doesn’t rely on audio, and features clear calls to action while inspiring and enticing viewers.

The brand has also created some fantastic videos for Facebook, including one about how its tablets are being used to bring music to the streets of San Francisco. It’s short and sweet, yet relies on a personal connection with the featured musician to engage viewers.


In this cricket compilation created by Nike, the brand almost forces viewers to stop and watch thanks to its fast-paced editing. The video undoubtedly took considerable time and effort to create, and the result is a fun and energetic clip that warrants a repeat watch.

It’s another great example of a brand showcasing an experience rather than a product. As a consumer, it’s hard to escape sales gimmicks and promotions. If you want people to engage with and share your video content, focus on emotion rather than action, and let the experience complete the sale.

What’s Next for Video?

Not much has changed for Instagram or Vine recently, but video content has become so popular on Facebook that the company is changing the way it’s ranked. Moving forward, Facebook will consider whether someone has watched a video and for how long, in addition to other factors. This will help the company personalize News Feed based on members’ preference for watching video.

As a result, people who watch more videos can expect to see more video content near the top of their News Feed. Those who tend to skip over without watching can expect to see fewer videos. Additionally, videos that people choose to watch will reacher a larger audience, while videos that people ignore will be shown to fewer people.

This is why it’s so important as a marketer that you’re posting stories and videos that will resonate with your audience on Facebook. To better understand which videos your audience is watching, check out the new video metrics section (which were introduced in May) in Page Insights.