Although consumers might be reluctant to welcome new forms of advertising, image and video ads on Instagram might not be doomed. In fact, branded videos are proving to be quite popular on the service.

New data from Unruly, a company that tracks viral videos, analyzed the 1,000 most shared Instagram videos between September 9th and October 9th and found that nearly half (40 percent) were created by brands — including Nike, Samsung, Disney, Red Bull, and more.

The most shared of any brand is MTV with 84 videos in the top 1,000, which were shared more than 130,000 times across Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. The television network was followed by the NBA, Peanuts, GoPro, the Miami Heat, Wendy’s, Topshop, Starbucks, ABC, and HBO (Girls), which round out the top 10.

“It’s remarkable that within just five months of launch, Instagram videos now account for almost 10 percent as many tweets as YouTube videos do,” said Phil Townend, MD EMEA at Unruly. “Smart marketers are no longer measuring success based on a YouTube view count and advertisers understand that it’s people first, platform second.”

Earlier this month, Instagram confirmed that video and image ads will start appearing for members in the U.S. over the next couple of months. The company will focus on delivering a small number of high-quality photos and videos from brands that are already considered to be great members of the Instagram community.

If anything, Unruly’s data should boost the confidence of brands included in the initial rollout — it looks like branded content will be well received. Of course, it’s impossible to please everyone, but if done right, the integration of ads into people’s feeds shouldn’t come across as disruptive since so much branded content is there already.

[Via: Search Engine Watch, Image credit: Phil Campbell]