Vine Features That Every Marketer Should Be Using

You might not think that you can do a lot with six seconds of video, but content creators have shown us otherwise.

With more than 40 million active users and counting, Vine has become a favored tool among brands for creative storytelling. But if you’re just using the platform for content consumption — or worse, not using it at all — then you’re missing out on some great marketing opportunities.

Vine has introduced several new features since its launch in 2013, including desktop support and revamped editing tools. If you have a profile, but you’re only using it for likes and revines, here are four Vine features that will take you from consumer to active engager in no time.

Sessions and Time Travel

Creating complex videos like time-lapse no longer requires creators to reshoot frames several times before achieving the desired result. With features like Sessions and Time Travel, you can maintain multiple posts in progress over time and edit before you share them. Consider this Vine by Burberry which includes a transition from London to Shanghai. This was achieved in two separate all-day sessions in two different locations.

Time Travel, like the name implies, lets you go inside your Vine videos and rearrange, replace, or remove the individual clips within them. Sessions lets you save up to 10 Vines-in-progress to return to at a later time. Maybe you want to check your notifications in the middle of creating a video, or you need to check-in with your creative team one more time. Now you can take these breaks without worrying about accidentally deleting a saved edit and having to start over.

When creating time-lapse Vines like the one above, it’s good to practice how you tap the phone. According to Twitter, moisture on your hand can actually cause the phone’s screen to register a longer tap than you intended. Protective screen covers can have an effect on tap length as well.

Ghost Feature

A well-crafted stop-motion Vine experience might seem like a challenge to assemble, but it doesn’t have to be. Vine’s Ghost feature is extremely useful when doing stop-motion, and can save your video if you accidentally bump something. As a side note, we recommend using a tripod or something to hold your phone when shooting these types of videos.

When the Ghost feature is switched on (just tap the ghost icon) the end point of your last recorded snippet will overlay the “live” scene. This will help to more easily line up your animation stops with flawless effects. Want a smooth loop? Take a screenshot when you start filming so you know where to end your video.

Vine Messages

We’ve already covered Vine Messages in depth in a previous article, but we wanted to quickly revisit it as a reminder to create videos with your customers and fans in mind. Vine Messages, which enable you to send private videos to your followers, has significant implications for customer care.

This video by Diabetes UK is a great example of how Vine Messages could be used by brands to connect with individuals on a more personal basis.  Check out our earlier article for more examples of how Vine Messages can be integrated into your outreach strategy.

Now that you have a better understanding of how these Vine features work and the different types of videos that can be created using them, the only thing left to do is grab your custom URL and start filming.