Twitter handle

A Twitter handle is the username that appears at the end of your unique Twitter URL.

Twitter handles must contain fewer than 15 characters and they appear like so in a visitor’s browser bar:

A Twitter handle is not the same as a Twitter name. Twitter handles appear after the @ sign in your profile URL and it must be unique to your account. A Twitter name, on the other hand, is simply there to help people find the company they’re looking for.

While choosing a Twitter handle may seem simple, there are 330 million monthly active users now on the platform. This means that finding the ideal handle on the first try isn’t as easy as it once was.

How to Choose an Effective Twitter Handle

Though there’s no one-size-fits-all guide for the ultimate Twitter handle, there are best practices to follow. For instance: 

What to Do If Your Ideal Twitter Handle is Taken

With millions of users already active on Twitter, there’s a good chance someone else has your handle.

If you can’t access your ideal handle, don’t panic. One option is to ask the person who owns your Twitter handle whether you can have it. Alternatively, if you have a trademark on your company name, issue a complaint with Twitter.

Alternatively, make your Twitter handle unique by: