Sharing and creating content is a crucial part of social media marketing. A Regram is an effective way to share content on Instagram. Regramming allows brands to distribute another user’s posts on their own feed, similar to retweeting. The main difference between Regramming and retweeting is that Instagram doesn’t have a dedicated button to support the Regram.

Businesses can Regram content either manually, or through third-party tools like Sprout Social. Instagram deliberately avoids giving companies a way to instantly share content because they want social material to be authentic and “in the moment.”

Regram etiquette

Brands Regram content to support their brand reputation or credibility. Regramming a post by a social influencer that shows that person wearing or using your product is a valuable form of social proof. 

Regramming comes with a series of unique concerns for companies to consider, however. Unlike with Facebook and Twitter, Regramming Instagram content means re-sharing someone’s photography. It’s essential for brands to ensure they’re not stealing the assets of another user. This means companies must:

  • Credit the original user by tagging the content creator: The #Regram hashtag is a popular accessory to attribution.
  • Ask the content creator for permission to repost and respect the decision that individual makes: Usually, permission to Regram will be dependent on how you plan to use the content.
  • Comply with any guidelines the original creator has: This means not editing or changing the content in any way and respecting the creator’s wishes.
  • Flatter the content creator when Regramming: Let your audience know who created the piece and why you value it.
  • Go beyond the Regram: Don’t rely entirely on Regrammed content for your Instagram profile. Remember to create and share unique posts too.

How to regram

There are various ways to Regram content. One of the most popular options is to Regram manually. To Regram manually, take a screenshot on your smartphone of the content you want to use and click on the camera button to upload the screenshot to Instagram. Be sure to crop the image, so you exclude everything but the original image. Instagram’s native tools make this simple.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer a simpler way to Regram content, Sprout Social now allows users to repost quickly and easily. Open your Sprout Social application and follow these steps:

  • Click on the post menu next to the image you want to Regram (three dots), then click on “Repost.”
  • Decide whether to schedule your post or publish it straight away. Click either “Repost Now” or place the content in your queue.
  • Add your caption and tag the user who created the piece.