BeReal is a photo-sharing application that allows users to post one photo per day to show their followers what they are doing in real-time. The BeReal app focuses on authenticity and asks users to be real. Because the app allows everyone to post only once a day, users can avoid being on the application for multiple hours throughout the day, making the app stand out from social media platforms currently dominant in the space.

What is BeReal?

The social media application available for download on Android and IOS devices was founded in December 2019 by Alexis Barreyat. The app encourages users to share who they are in the moment. The app is the latest trending social media application that is quickly growing in interest and downloads.

How does the BeReal app work?

Users receive a notification at a random time once a day saying ‘Time to BeReal’. This opens up a two-minute window for the user to post a picture of what they are currently doing. The purpose of this is to capture an authentic, unfiltered snapshot of a user’s life.

bereal notification display

If users post outside of the two-minute window, they will be considered late and will not be able to see others’ photo until after they’ve posted. After posting, users will also gain access to the app’s Discover section.

bereal front and back camera

Users can retake their photos, however, the app will show the number of times a user retakes an image. The app also reveals the number of times the user tried to capture their BeReal moment.

While there is not a ‘like’ option available on the app, users can react to other posts by using their RealMoji, or an emoji featuring their selfie mimicking an emoji reaction. The app has no filters or edit buttons and does not allow videos to be posted. Follower count is also not displayed on the app and neither are ads.