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Focus Day: 2019 - the year of Focus

YOU'RE IN. Take a moment to slow down, reassess your brand’s social strategy and reconnect with your mission. It’s time for a Focus Day.

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Welcome to your Focus Day

We’ve gathered everything you need to focus for a day full of immeasurable inspiration and insightful strategies from the brightest minds in social marketing.

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Time to focus

Thank you for joining Sprout Social's Focus Day! On this page, you'll find all of the sessions we've created with our partners. You can pick and choose the sessions that you'd like to watch or watch them all in order for a true Focus Day experience!

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How to Be Social and Agile in 2019

You know this: building trust with clients requires transparency and collaboration. Enter, the Agile method. The Agile method turns clients into partners, and helps nurture long-term relationships. In this #SproutChat, we’ll be joined by some of the strongest members of our Agency Partner Program to cover agile approaches in the digital space, and what this means for agencies. Join the conversation on Twitter using #SproutChat.


Our #SproutPartners!


Your Top 3 Social Trends in 2019

What a year! 2018 was a tumultuous 12 months in social media. Drastic shifts in organic reach and new restrictions borne from regulations like GDPR have made it harder for businesses to connect with their customers. To meet these changes head-on, savvy marketers need to develop new strategies. Join HubSpot Academy professor, Crystal King, to learn the top three trends businesses should consider when putting together their 2019 plans.

Presented By

Crystal King
Social Media Professor, HubSpot

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The Future of B2B Marketing: Trends for the Contrarian Marketer

What does the future of B2B marketing hold? Peruse the web and it isn’t too hard to find hypothetical long-distance snapshots. But these pieces tend to be more thought-provoking than relevant. In this session, we’ll explore seven contrarian ideas in B2B marketing and how they’ll push your strategy to the next level.

Presented By

Tyrona Heath
Global Lead, Market Development, LinkedIn

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Make the Most of It: How One City Grew Engagement 96.9% with Limited Staff and Budget

With limited time, staff and budget, effectively connecting with citizens can seem like an insurmountable task for government organizations. The City of Lenexa, Kansas challenged this by using social media to quickly share information, answer questions and build bonds with community members.

Join us as Kristen Waggener, Communications Specialist at The City of Lenexa, discusses how she increased social impressions 41%, followers 46.8% and engagements 96.9% year-over-year.

Presented By

Kristen Waggener
Communications Specialist, City of Lenexa

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Your 2019 Plan: What Your CMO Thinks You Should Be Thinking About

In this presentation, Sprout Social’s CMO Jamie Gilpin explains why collaboration is more a game-changer than a buzzword, how to do it effectively, and the exact steps you need to take to impress your marketing leadership and bring social into the biggest conversations your organization is having.

Presented By

Jamie Gilpin
CMO, Sprout Social

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Building Trust + A Brand That Connects: What We Know for Sure About 2019

The ever-evolving world of social requires social marketers to be one step ahead of the next trend. In this panel, Veronica Romney (Founder, LoSoMo Inc and My Modern Brand), Lynae Cook (Digital Strategist, Rational Interaction Agency), and Zak Cherif (Social Media Manager, Apptio) share their predictions for 2019, focusing on how the most successful brands will build trust and relentlessly focus on connecting to their audience. They’ll also layer in practical tips to make predictions a reality in your strategy.

Presented By

Veronica Romney
Founder, LoSoMo Inc and My Modern Brand

Lynae Cook
Digital Strategist, Rational Interaction Agency

Zak Cherif
Content Marketing Specialist, Apptio

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Lessons Learned: 10 Ways I’m Doing Social Better in 2019

Missteps and fumbles can be scary, but they often teach us our best lessons... especially in social media. In this inspiring talk, Jen Joyce, Senior Social Content Strategist at WONGDOODY and #UBERKittens creator, will share what she’s learned in 2018 and how she’s going to carry these lessons into the new year.

Presented By

Jen Joyce
Senior Social Content Strategist, WONGDOODY

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Predictions for 2019: Transparency on Social and Beyond

In this dynamic panel, Kristin Flor Perret (WE Communications), Adam Schoenfeld (Drift), and Kevin Shively (Tagboard) share their predictions for transparency in social and across digital channels in 2019, focusing on how the most successful brands will build trust and stop at nothing to connect with their audience.


Kevin Shively
VP of Marketing, Tagboard

Adam Schoenfeld
GM, Drift

Kristin Flor Perret
SVP of Marketing, WE Communication


Lucy Hitz
Corporate Marketing Lead, Sprout Social

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Fireside Chat: How Our Ecosystem Is Evolving and How to Plan Accordingly

As social networks evolve, every marketing department must evolve, too. Watch this session to understand how Twitter is thinking about 2019, including trends, connecting with audiences, and every marketer's favorite topic, ROI, with Andrew Caravella (VP of Global Partnerships, Sprout Social) and Kenny Lee (Head of Partner & Demand, Twitter Data & Enterprise team).

Presented By

Andrew Caravella
VP of Global Partnerships, Sprout Social

Kenny Lee
Head of Partner & Demand, Twitter Data & Enterprise team, Twitter

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Inspiration Starts Here: How You Can Be a Better Social Leader in 2019

In this refreshing talk, Tisha Leslie (Director of Employee Brand, T-Mobile) shares what she’s learned in 2018 and walks us through how to be better social leaders in 2019, both as brands and as professionals within our organizations.

Presented By

Tisha Leslie
Director of Employer Brand, T-Mobile

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