Looking for YouTube tools? Good! Because as the platform continues to boom, brands can use all the help they can get when it comes to gaining more viewers.

But despite how competitive YouTube is, there’s plenty of attention to go around.

According to the 2022 Sprout Social Index, 51% of consumers plan to increase their activity on the platform this year…

But only 35% of brands say they’re going to meet them there. Translation? People are still glued to YouTube and there are plenty of opportunities for brands.

So now’s the time to ramp up your YouTube presence. We break down a variety of YouTube tools that can help you do exactly that.

YouTube editing tools

Given the popularity of TikTok and Reels, brands are eager to squeeze as much as they can out of their video content.

For brands already producing social video, publishing to YouTube is a no-brainer. On the flip side, brands that already publish to YouTube should consider repurposing content for social media.

Below are some YouTube editing tools that make it easier to put together content that sticks to the various social media video specs out there.

1. InVideo

InVideo‘s platform is brimming with YouTube-specific features. This includes a dedicated intro-maker with tons of pre-built templates and transitions. With stock footage and font libraries at your disposal, you can customize videos to your exact specifications. The platform also allows you to create unique brand kits which are perfect for business accounts.

invideo youtube editor


VEED’s online video editor emphasizes transcriptions and subtitles for both YouTube and social videos.

veedio screenshot

Subtitles obviously help you reach viewers watching without sound. According to InVideo themselves: 85% of all Facebook videos are watched on mute.

But more importantly, thoughtful subtitles make your content more inclusive.

Native video captioning often leaves a lot to be desired. Beyond captions features, VEED offers in-app video editing with no downloads required. VEED’s platform also features brand kits and compression across various video formats. This means you don’t lose quality when converting your videos and publishing across platforms.

YouTube thumbnail and graphics tools

Making your videos pop doesn’t happen by accident.

And according to YouTube themselves, 90% of top-performing videos feature a custom thumbnail.

The presentation of your YouTube videos is arguably as important as the actual content you’re publishing. This is especially true if your goal is to get more YouTube subscribers.

From your channel layout to thumbnails and logos, let’s look at some YouTube tools for the creative elements of your profile.

3. Sprout’s free social media templates

Are you looking for a YouTube banner that doesn’t require additional design resources? Our social media templates tool has free YouTube banners that you can download and add to your channel today!

free youtube banner images from sprout

4. Canva

You might already be familiar with Canva for creating drag-and-drop social graphics. The platform offers fully-customizable templates for both YouTube channel art and thumbnails, too.

canva youtube thumbnail editor

Since Canva saves all of your assets, you can save and repurpose your past creatives to keep your branding consistent from video to video.

YouTube analytics and benchmarking Tools

As noted earlier, competition is absolutely fierce on YouTube right now.

Sustaining growth means understanding how your content is performing. That means assessing what’s working and what isn’t. Likewise, brands should also keep a close eye on their competitors’ growth as well.

While there are native YouTube tools for analytics, the tools below provide an extra layer of competitive analysis.

5. Social Blade

Social Blade is a straightforward tool that provides a high-level understanding of any YouTube account’s growth.

The app can clue you in on how consistently a channel is posting or whether they’ve gained or lost subscribers recently. You can then compare your account versus a competitor to see who’s growing faster or whose recent videos are gaining traction.

social blade youtube stats

6. HypeAuditor

Primarily an influencer marketing platform, HypeAuditor provides robust YouTube analytics that focuses on creator accounts. For example, HypeAuditor can detect follower spikes, comment activity and engagement rates for brands vetting influencers.

hypeauditor youtube stats

The platform can break down content topics, audience size and demographics for any given account. The app can also confirm whether a YouTube account has grown its following organically.

7. Measure Studio

Measure Studio is a YouTube analytics tool with features that dive deep into content performance. The platform aggregates account data to identify top-performing content and opportunities to optimize. If you’re not sure which videos are driving the most direct engagement, Measure Studio can let you know instantly.

measure studio youtube analytics

Another notable feature of the platform is the ability to store timely analytics data from the initial 72 hours a video is live. This allows brands to optimize their content for maximum engagement sooner rather than later.

YouTube keyword tools for SEO

It’s no secret that videos are dominating Google searches right now.

Look up just about any “how-to” phrase to see for yourself. The link between YouTube content and SEO is undeniable.

youtube search example

Beyond that, YouTube SEO requires its own set of strategies and tactics to maximize your videos’ visibility. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-hanging opportunities to get your videos in the good graces of the YouTube algorithm. Below are two tools that can help.

8. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

Stuck on a title or keyword to feature in your latest video? Ahrefs’ free YouTube keyword tool is a solid starting point for conducting research and exploring phrases to include in your content. This includes your titles, descriptions and tags.

ahrefs youtube keyword search

If nothing else, this tool can help with brainstorming potential video ideas. This is useful if you’re second-guessing a video topic or keyphrase and want to confirm the actual search volume around it.

9. Tubics

Tubics is a powerful YouTube SEO tool that goes beyond keyword research and ideation. The platform suggests video structure and formatting based on top content for any given topic. Tubics can also generate scripts, outlines and talking points to cover in a video.


tubics youtube dashboard

The platform also highlights opportunities to optimize your existing content for more views. Tubics will recommend fixes, tags and descriptions for videos that may be underperforming. Given the legwork required for producing video content, these quick fixes can help you see a greater ROI for your efforts.

All-in-one YouTube tools

Chances are YouTube isn’t the only network on your radar.

That’s why brands should adopt all-in-one platforms that align their YouTube presence with social media. Doing so is a time-saver and likewise keeps you from having to bounce between multiple social media tools.

10. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the ideal tool for brands that want to grow their YouTube and social presences simultaneously.

Publishing and analytics together create a more holistic understanding of your marketing efforts.

For example, Sprout can uncover notable tags, keyword searches and viewer sentiment. This highlights how people find your content and how they feel about it. Doing so helps you spot big-picture YouTube trends and new content ideas that your audience will love.


Sprout Social Listening

The ability to manage your social video assets and schedule them in one place is likewise a game-changer. Want to cross-post between YouTube and Facebook? Looking to publish your social updates and YouTube content in one platform? Sprout can do both.
Sprout Social YouTube Scheduling

Also, Sprout’s analytics features make it easy to understand your top-performing content. This is a shining example of how to use YouTube tools to identify which types of videos to prioritize as your audience grows.
YouTube Analytics: Sprout

Which YouTube tools are you using to build your presence?

Growing on YouTube is no small feat. This is especially true if you’re trying to build a brand account from the ground up.

That said, having the right YouTube tools at your disposal can help in a big way. From more creative editing to comprehensive analytics, there are plenty of opportunities to optimize your existing presence. Hopefully, the tools and tips above can clue you in on ways to make it happen.

If you still feel stuck when it comes to your strategy, don’t sweat it. If you haven’t already, check out our comprehensive guide to YouTube marketing to put yourself on the right path.