When it comes to analytics, a majority of the focus is put on the health and performance of the communities you’re building through social media. The tables have turned and now Yammer wants to help you monitor the performance of your team.

Yammer has been described as a private version of Twitter. It’s a secure communication tool that brings employees together inside a private social network. The company has launched a new dashboard analytics tool that measures the activity within your internal network.

The new dashboard will highlight data similar to what other insights tools provide — including the number of likes given, files uploaded, and messages sent within your network.

It can also be used to monitor specific employees. For example, if the team lead isn’t interacting with other members, this tool will make you aware of it so you can provide feedback.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the performance of your community, but it’s important to focus on what’s happening inside your team as well. Healthy communication habits between team members is crucial, especially for marketer and developer teams. The new dashboard will be available for premium users by March 31st.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Official Navy Page]