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6 Keys to Creating and Sharing Amazing Social Media Videos

How to create and share social media videos that boost audience engagement.


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Webinar Details

Creating and sharing social media videos is one of the hottest trends in social media marketing. Consumers want more social video content, and the networks themselves are creating more functionality to support that growing need. Marketers who can ride the video trend early can grow their following, customers and revenue.

If you can get ahead of your competition, you can benefit from leveraging this new social medium.

The social media experts at Sprout Social have teamed up with the video creation professionals at Animoto to present a webinar all about how to easily create and share social media videos to boost your social media engagement. Among other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create unique social media videos at scale.
  • Distribute your videos to your social channels.
  • Analyze performance to inform new videos.

The Presenters

Jeff Kahsen

Director, Partner Management

Jeff is at the intersection of business and technology as Animoto’s director of strategic partnerships and business customer advocate. With 8 years of experience on the platform (and hundreds of videos later), he’s on a mission to help every business achieve their marketing goals through the power of video.

Michael Patterson

Demand Generation Specialist
Sprout Social

Michael enjoys writing about all things social media, and his insights can be found on Adweek's SocialTimes, Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner. When he isn't pouring over blog posts he can usually be found exploring Chicago's unique neighborhoods and breweries. Find him on Twitter @MPatterson22