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How to Use Facebook’s Algorithm to Strengthen Brand Engagement & Employee Advocacy


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The world of social media was built on the concept of creating a community of personal connections. This authentic community, however, morphed into an environment inundated with advertisements—driving Facebook’s decision to refocus its social strategy.

The new algorithm is simple: connect people in a way that fosters meaningful and personal interaction.

Here at Sprout, we believe brand engagement and employee advocacy go hand-in-hand, one equally as important as the other in a complete social strategy. We’ve been hard at work creating a solution to bridge the gap and amplify your brand in a way that promotes this new level of authenticity your audience seeks.

Join advocacy experts Greg Tirico and Kevin King for a webinar on harnessing the power of employee advocacy to grow your business in alignment with these new social standards. You will learn:

  • The benefits of Employee Advocacy and the impact to your company
  • Why Employee Advocacy is important to your holistic marketing strategy
  • How to harness Employee Advocacy through Bambu

The Presenters

Greg Tirico

Director of Solutions Engineering & Services

Greg Tirico is Director of Solutions Engineering & Services at Sprout Social. He has spent the majority of his career leading digital marketing initiatives in Fortune 500 organizations. When not espousing the benefits of employee advocacy, he can be found searching for the perfect Pinot Noir. Hit up Greg on Twitter @GregTirico

Kevin King

Marketing Lead
Sprout Social

Kevin King is the Marketing Lead for Sprout Social's employee advocacy tool Bambu and a film critic turned analytics geek. When he isn't poring over massive Excel files, he can be found enjoying live music, indie films and select craft beers. @kking4120