This week Vine updated its six-second video app with two new features designed to make editing easier. This relatively minor update will make creating time-intensive videos less tedious for Vine’s power users.

Previously, working on complex videos, like stop-motion, required creators to reshoot frames several times before achieving a desired result. With the new features, you can maintain multiple posts in progress over time and edit posts before sharing them.

The first new feature, called Sessions, lets you save any post and come back to it later. It also enables you to keep track of multiple Vines at once, which is handy for successive story posts or multi-video projects.

Time Travel lets you edit videos shot-by-shot, adding or deleting material before publishing. Previously you couldn’t go back; you had to shoot continuously without a mistake. This made crafting videos — especially stop-motion, which has become popular on Vine — very challenging for creators.


To use this feature, just tap the green bar that shows you’re recording, or push edit when you’re previewing a post. To access Sessions, simply tap the new icon in the bottom right corner of your camera to save a new session or open an existing one.

Vine hasn’t been updated since July when it introduced Revines, protected posts, and “ghost tools.” Revines were certainly a wise addition for brands using the app, but this week’s new features — available on both iOS and Android — aim to improve the experience for everyone.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: welcometoalville]