Unclaimed businesses and places on Facebook have recently undergone a makeover. But while the layout better matches the design of other Facebook Pages and profiles, one thing is missing, and that’s you.

Another thing missing is Timeline. These redesigned Pages now feature key information — such as street address, website, and hours — in a module that spans across the top of the page. Several other modules receive updates, including a map, posts by friends, public photos, suggestions of similar pages, and more.

If an unclaimed Page is associated with an address, it will now display a local search module, which enables visitors to search for other places near the location they’re viewing. As Inside Facebook notes, this feature would be very useful on mobile, but it doesn’t appear to have made its way there quite yet.

Additionally, some Place Pages now feature a “Suggest Edits” module that encourages visitors to add more information or suggest that a Place merge with an official Facebook Page. This module can also be accessed by clicking “Edit” on the top right.

It’s important to note that Pages managed by you or another admin have not changed, and continue to feature the Timeline format. While this update breathes a bit of life into unclaimed Pages, it’s worth managing your own Page. Not only does it help to humanize your company, product, or service, but it also provides you with additional insights about your customers‘ experiences and behavior.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Paul Gorbould]