Twitter will soon become even more valuable for marketers and advertisers as reports hint that the company is preparing to officially launch retargeted ads on its platform as early as today, the company just announced.

The social network has been testing retargeted ads since July. The ad type, fueled by browser cookies, means that members will start seeing ads on Twitter based on their web browsing history.

Twitter could also bring retargeting to mobile. According to the company’s third quarter earnings report, 76 percent of its 232 million monthly active users access the service from a mobile device.

Twitter will analyze the cookies in a person’s browser when he or she logs into an account on a desktop or laptop computer. This will allow the company to see where the individual has been on the non-mobile web. Then, when that person logs into that same account on mobile, it can still use web cookies to deliver retargeted ads.

Relevant ads lead to more clicks that not only generate revenue for Twitter, but for the advertiser as well. For example, someone visits a travel booking site and look at a page for buying a flight. However, that person doesn’t buy and navigates away from the site. With retargeted ads, when that individual logs into Twitter, he or she will see ads related to those travel plans — even though the flight wasn’t booked. The key here is that Twitter is delivering an ad it knows individuals are already interested in.

[Image credit: Ginny]