Twitter continues to court the entertainment industry with a new ad unit that will put pre-roll ads ahead of sponsored clips.

The social network initially began running clips from Fox as part of Amplify, a program that brings sponsored clips to members’ news feeds. That partnership is now going a step further and will run ads from American Express before video snippets of the television network’s programing.

The first pre-roll ad launched earlier this month around an episode of “Glee,” and will continue with Fox shows like “Bones,” “The Mindy Project,” and later in the season, “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Masterchef.” These are all popular programs that undoubtedly already see a large amount of engagement on Twitter.

The AmEx-sponsoed tweets will be sent out from the profiles of the various programs involved. Jill Toscano, vice president of media at American Express, said the company will also make content available to its Twitter followers.

AmEx isn’t new to the world of Twitter advertising — the company has launched several campaigns, but recently demonstrated an interest in entertainment. For example, the company sponsored a Fox effort that allowed viewers using the Fox Now iPad app to shops for products featured in episodes of “New Girl.”

What this means for Twitter and more importantly advertisers has yet to be determined. Fox is reportedly in talks with other advertisers for similar social-based initiatives on Twitter. Last month, Nielsen launched Twitter TV ratings which show network execs just how well their shows performed on the platform.

The integration between the entertainment industry and Twitter is likely far from finished. Recently Twitter began testing the addition of media in timeline through the expansion of photos. It’s fair to assume that we’ll be seeing a lot more from Twitter and its ad partners over the next year.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Al Ibrahim]