Twitter today announced out an update to its mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the mobile web. The company revamped its mobile search to help you find the most relevant content while on the go.

Search results will now return the most relevant mix of tweets, photos, and accounts, all in a single stream. Previously available for Android and iPad, Twitter has added a new search button to its iPhone app. Now everyone can search from anywhere in the app instead of having to tap over to the Discover tab.

The Discover tab will also display a single stream of all content types, including tweets, trends, suggested accounts, and activity. Activity and Trends can be accessed from new previews at the top of the tab.

In an effort to create a consistent experience, the default view for the Connect tab is now Interactions, which shows you new followers, retweets, and mentions. If you’d rather view only your mentions, you can change the default in Settings — just find the “Connect tab” option and select “Mentions only.”

And finally, clicking a URL in a tweet will take you directly to that website from any timeline. Previously, when you tapped any part of a tweet, it would first expand and a second click was required to visit the website.

Although minor, these updates should have a significant impact on your mobile experience, especially for iPhone users. The new apps are available in the App Store and Google Play.

[Image credit: JoshSemans]