Yesterday, Twitter added support for line breaks on its website as well as its official mobile apps. The feature can be used to spread your 140 character message out over a few different lines. For example, a phrase or a single word could occupy a single line.

This might not seem very noteworthy. In fact, some people might be worried that ASCII art and one-letter per line tweets will takeover the streams. And while that’s a valid concern, the addition of line breaks could help to break up the density of Twitter’s streams — thus giving brands and advertisers an opportunity to stand out.

Last March, Twitter revealed that more than 340 million tweets are sent per day. With that kind of volume, it can be difficult for brands to stand out in consumers’ streams. But if Oreo taught us anything during the Super Bowl, all it takes is good timing and a healthy sense of humor.

With line breaks, advertisers could add some flair to Promoted Tweets. The added padding could help your tweet stand out in a stream full of two-lined sentences. However, this feature is definitely easy to abuse, and we recommend using it only when it’s relevant. Too much of a good thing could lead to a lot of pushback from followers.

If you’re considering adding some line breaks to your upcoming tweets, keep in mind that Twitter won’t let you tweet giant blocks of emptiness. Use the extra space wisely and you could have a trending tweet on your hands.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Jase Curtis]