According to Twitter, mobile is the primary way people around the world interact with the service. In an effort to attract advertisers to its mobile-targeted ad products, the company has released details from a new study about its mobile users.

Sixty percent of Twitter’s 200 million active users log in through a mobile device at least once every month. Working with Compete, Twitter found that these primary mobile users are more engaged in several ways. Most notably, they’re on the platform more often, interact with more tweets, and follow more brands.

Members who primarily access Twitter on a mobile device are 86 percent more likely to be on Twitter several times a day. In addition to using Twitter during their commutes and at work or school, primary mobile users are also 169 percent more likely to use the service while shopping and 301 percent more likely to use it before and after attending a movie.

Based on these findings, it’s wise to time tweets to reach people wherever they are. Twitter recommends thinking about a day in the life of your target consumers when crafting a campaign. “Consider where they are, what they are doing and who they might be with at key moments during the day and evening.”

Primary mobile users aren’t just checking Twitter more often, they’re creating and engaging with tweets as well. Compared to average Twitter members, they’re 57 percent morel likely to compose original tweets, 63 percent more likely to click on links, 78 percent more likely to retweet, and 85 percent more likely to favorite a tweet.

Finally, and arguably most important, primary mobile users are 96 percent more likely to follow 11 or more brands — the average Twitter user follows five or more. They’re also 58 percent more likely to remember seeing an ad on Twitter than the average user. It’s recommended that you create campaigns centered around useful information or special offers that consumers can act on immediately.

As mobile adoption continues to grow among consumers, brands need to be prepared to connect with audiences in real-time, wherever they are. Mobile Twitter Ads could be a powerful way for your company to create reach, build frequency, and drive engagement.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: John Verive]