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Everything You Need to Know on Social Media for Small Business

You’ve launched your website, opened your doors and created a Facebook Page for your new small business, but what’s next? It’s time to get people aware of your brand and what better way than social media?

There’s a reason why roughly 94% of small businesses use social media as a marketing tool, but doing it effectively is a whole other subject. Paid ads, organic reach and posting relevant content across your social media channels is not the easiest thing do while running a small business. However, there are ways to rule the digital space, even as a mom and pop.

Find Your Core Social Networks

A big mistake small businesses encounter is trying to tackle every social channel at once. We love your eagerness, but let’s face it–you have to take your time and invest in a few of the essentials first. Unsure what networks are right for you? We’ve got you covered with our small business guides for each main network.

Facebook for Small Business

The first channel nearly every small business jumps to is Facebook. And that’s OK. With over a billion daily active users, you have one of the largest pools to generate an audience. However, you want to be strategic with Facebook especially when it comes to paid and organic content, targeting your audience and engaging your followers. Read more on how to get started with Facebook.

Instagram for Small Business

While other social channels are staples to marketing, the fastest growing network is Instagram. Brands are rushing to Instagram to visually showcase their product or service to younger audiences. But do you fully know your Instagram demographics, what features users prefer or how to monitor hashtags? This guide outlines everything you need to know as a small business using Instagram.

Twitter for Small Business

Many smaller brands are still unsure of their need for Twitter or fear it will take too much time to manage. Let us break the common myths of Twitter for small business and show you how to scale the unscalable in this guide. Learn how to use Twitter to promote, communicate and engage on a small scale that’s perfect for your business.

Understanding the Value & Cost of Social Media

Figuring out the value of social is no easy task, which makes it hard for brands with little to spend know how much it costs to market or advertise. Your marketing and advertising department might just be you, so catch up on the best practices to learning the value and cost of social media.

How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Budget

If you’re trying to plan your social media spend, you’re heading in the right direction. But sometimes, smaller businesses are unsure how to make the most of their budget. While it’s good to be cautious with your budget, it’s just as helpful to know where you can spend. Read this guide to get the most out of your social media budget.

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How to Measure the Value of Social Media

What is the value of a like or comment to your business? How much return do you earn from Retweets or mentions on Instagram? These are tricky questions to ask, but there is value to your business when you focus on traffic, awareness and leads within your social marketing strategy.

How to Measure the Value of Social Media

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Ultimate Guide to Measuring Social Media ROI

One of the biggest struggles for businesses of all sizes is to measure social media ROI. But it’s not as impossible as you think. You simply need to look in the right places and understand what you’re tracking the value it brings specifically to your company. Learn more about social media ROI in this helpful guide.

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Social Media Success in Your Industry

Your industry is unique to social media and sometimes you have to treat your marketing approach that way. Apparel brands can be more visual with their merchandise than SaaS companies, but it all comes down to how you approach it. Let’s take a look at some of the common industries for small businesses trying to get started with social media marketing.

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The Complete Guide to Social Media for Restaurants & Bars

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A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits

Learning how to be “social” on social media as a nonprofit can be tricky. Often working with limited budgets and staff, nonprofits truly have a challenge tackling social landscapes. However, our guide shows organizations how to effectively reach their audience, choose the right networks and post the ideal content.

The Modern Guide to Social Media for Retail

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The Modern Guide to Social Media for Retail

Retail has fluctuated over the years due to the rise in ecommerce, but that doesn’t mean your brand can’t still take advantage of social media. In this guide, you’ll learn how to sell on social, increase social listening and drive more traffic through your doors. It takes some strategic work, but the payoff could be huge for your up-and-coming business.

Driving Inspiration & Content Ideas

There’s a lot of types of content you can use across social media. But for your small business, it’s smart to look at what has worked for other similar organizations and how you can implement these content types into your strategy. As we mentioned earlier, you’re likely a smaller team and being efficient with your content production helps save time and money.

21 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Brand Inspiration

Inspiration often derives from the success of others and it’s no different when trying to further your brand. Specifically on Instagram, there are hundreds of users and brands that can give you inspiration for content ideas. In this list, we provide our 21 favorite Instagram accounts that go above and beyond with great content.

How to Identify Your Social Media Influencers

Working with social media influencers doesn’t always mean you have to pay celebrities and athletes to promote your brand. There are smarter and more tactical ways to attack your niche audience that is not only affordable, but effective. Learn how to find your most valuable social media influencers over here.

Social Media Marketing Examples

To add content to your calendar, it’s a good practice to see what’s working for others on social media. While not every business on this list of marketing examples is considered “small,” there are plenty of ideas and inspiration you can gather from these stand out brands. Always be willing to adapt and find your most ideal content for social.

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