A recent survey from IZEA, a social media sponsorship company, shows an increase in sponsored tweets, but a discrepancy in their perceived value. These are tweets from celebrities and other influencers that are essentially paid advertisements for a product or service, not to be confused with Promoted Tweets which are ad units published by Twitter.

Of the 4,000 respondents surveyed, there was a 9% increase in those who said they had been paid for a sponsored tweet since last year. And over 90% of respondents said they would monetize their social media efforts which is good news for companies looking for new advertising outlets.

The interesting part of the survey is the discrepancy of the perceived value of the sponsored tweet between the advertiser and the influencer. While advertisers were willing to pay, on the average, $63 for a sponsored tweet, publishers (those doing the tweeting) wanted $134 on average for their efforts.

Whatever the price you’re willing to pay happens to be, the real question is whether or not the costs are justified and that depends on the impact of the ad. We suggest an embedded link in the tweet as one way to track the response rate. Then compare the click through to the metrics of your other ad efforts.

[Source: All Twitter, Image credit: Rosaura Ochoa]