Facebook has recently returned detailed post insights to Pages Manager for iOS, following an earlier update that removed them.

Unveiled in early May, version 2.0 of Pages Manager for iOS featured improvements intended to make the app faster. But while the overall experience was changed for the better, detailed post insights — an important feature for admins and community managers — were missing in action.

Although you could see how many people your posts reached, tapping the metric led you to a screen where you were prompted to purchase a Promoted Post. Previously this screen would direct you to additional insights. These metrics have now returned, providing mobile managers with more valuable information regarding your posts in the form of at-a-glance performance metric.

Tapping any “reach” metric will now take you to a new screen with a breakdown of how much of that reach was organic, paid, or viral. You can then swipe left to see detailed information about engaged users, post clicks, link clicks, and stories created. An additional swipe will display People Talking About This, Likes, comments, and shares for the intended post.

Several of Facebook’s recent tests and updates have focused on new ways of highlighting its Promoted Posts product. From replacing the “Notifications” section of the Admin Panel to adding a homepage module, admins are given several opportunities to promote on desktop. Although many of the new tests don’t support mobile yet, you can still promote your posts by tapping the “promote” button directly across from the reach information on each post.

Another ability that was removed in an earlier update, but hasn’t returned is the option to create Offers. The social network told Inside Facebook that this feature is due back in a future release, but no timeline has been provided. In the meantime, if you wish to create an Offer for your customers, you must do so from desktop.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Juan Fotografía Compacta]