Following the announcement of Foursquare’s revamped venue pages, Facebook has begun rolling out a global redesign of mobile Pages that make it easier for customers to interact with businesses.

The previous design was spread out and important information like price range and business category were displayed in small font, while phones and the map were buried in tiles that required expanding. This wasn’t convenient for consumers, and neither was it helping local businesses.

The new layout is much more condensed, and focuses on immediately surfacing useful information while cutting back on unnecessary taps. Buttons to Like, Check-In, and Call are now displayed immediately below your business’ cover photo. Speaking of, your profile picture now sits within the cover photo to create more space on the screen for important details. Keep this in mind when selecting which images to use.

Directly below the contact options is a zoomed-in map, making it easy to locate cross-streets, followed by your address, distance, hours, and price range. Just below that is an average star rating as well as reviews from friends. Past that, there’s a big button prompting individuals to add their own recommendations as well as a full-screen swipable album of photos. Beyond all of that is the feed of Timeline posts.

If you have an important piece of content to share and are worried that visitors won’t scroll down far enough, you can pin a post near the top of your Page just as you would on desktop. But keep in mind that this occupies a valuable piece of mobile real estate. Potential customers don’t need to see you wish them a happy Monday. Instead, use this opportunity to alert them of a timely sale or special, for example.

The redesign is much more important for local businesses than corporate brand Pages. While members look for content on desktop, Facebook has found that consumers are turning to mobile for actionable information so they can make decisions on the go. This means that changes to brand Pages will be less prominent. However, one thing that all brand managers can appreciate is that Facebook made it easier to switch between public and admin views from mobile.

The competition among Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook is heating up. Right now, it’s not a matter of where you want to be, but rather where your customers are. If you’re a local business and you’re not already utilizing these tools, you’re missing a big opportunity to reach potential customers.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: La Citta Vita]