Twitter is testing a new ad unit that will enable marketers to generate leads directly from tweets.

An example of the ad unit can be seen in this tweet, which is promoting Twitter’s small business guide. In addition to a small image promoting the guide, there’s also a “Get it now” button — assuming the viewer logged in. In this case, once clicked, you’re not asked for a phone number or email address. Instead, a message appears letting you know that “Twitter Advertising will reach out soon”

For transparency’s sake, logged in members can see the information advertisers will collect prior to clicking the “Get it now” button. Not only could this make individuals more likely to click through, but it also prompts them to ensure they’re providing accurate information. For advertisers, you’re getting a list of interested parties, their Twitter usernames, and their email addresses.

This specific type of ad unit is made possible through Twitter Cards, which enables media functionality, like embedding a photo or showing off recently pinned items, in tweets. At this time, however, it’s just a test. It’s possible the functionality could change, or the ad unit might not even be rolled out any wider.

If the test is successful, it’d be very appealing to advertisers, especially direct marketers. Not only does it give you a new way to share your message, but you’re also able to measure the success of your campaign by something other than retweets and clickthroughs.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Tadson Bussey]