As an official LinkedIn® Certified Company Page Partner, analytics are a key component of Sprout’s integration. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added the LinkedIn® Company Pages Report to our suite of network reports. The new report provides comprehensive Page level data to help social businesses make strategic decisions.

A Closer Look at LinkedIn® Analytics

Sprout’s new LinkedIn® Company Pages Report leads with a snapshot of how your audience is interacting with your business and provides metrics that enable you to analyze performance across one or multiple Company Pages.

linkedin-report-blog-overview (1)

The report enables you to benchmark your LinkedIn® marketing efforts with a big picture look into content performance. Graphs and aggregate data include audience growth, publishing behavior, impressions, audience engagement and demographics.


When analyzing multiple Company Pages, use the report to determine your highest performing Page. The comparison chart provides Page level activity and growth across each individual Company Page so you can quickly identify your top performing Page.

linkedin-report-blog-stats (1)

Use LinkedIn Data to Inform Content Strategy

Page level data provides valuable insights that can be used to inform your content strategy. To get your business started, we’ve outlined three ways you can optimize our LinkedIn® Company Pages Report:

  • Determine the impact of your social spend. Use report data to calculate ROI and measure follower metrics gained organically vs. those obtained from Sponsored Content.
  • Better target your content for maximum impact. Within the demographics section of our report, stakeholders can view the seniority level and job title of the people following your Page. This information, coupled with the audience targeting capabilities found in Compose, can better inform your publishing strategy.
  • Consistently post content for continued engagement. Ensure you are consistently publishing content with a maximum number of audience views by consulting the Publishing Behavior, Impressions and Audience Engagement graphs found within the report.

How will you use our new LinkedIn® Company Pages Report to inform your social media strategy? Sound off in the comments below and be on the lookout for additional LinkedIn® post level from Sprout data coming soon.