Social media is 24/7. It has become second nature for consumers to turn to social networks like Facebook and Instagram on their morning commute, during the day while on-the-go and even as they wind down in the evening. For brands, accessing their social profiles at any time, from any place to stay engaged with their always-on customers is pivotal to their success.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Sprout users can now configure push notifications on iOS and Android for all Facebook and Instagram message types supported in the Smart Inbox. Push notifications empower teams to continue the social conversation with their customers, no matter their location. Mobile users can configure push notifications for each individual message type and for each Facebook Page and Instagram profile, providing the flexibility to enable/disable notifications based on what’s most important to them.

Take the Smart Inbox On-The-Go

Sprout’s Smart Inbox empowers teams to never miss a message and collaborate in real-time to ensure smarter, faster and more personal social communications. By harnessing the power of the Smart Inbox on mobile, Facebook and Instagram push notifications enable teams to stay informed and involved while on-the-go.

To turn on Facebook push notifications, go to Settings > Inbox Notifications > Facebook Notifications in the Sprout mobile app. Select which types of notifications you would like to receive: Comments and Replies, Private Messages, or Reviews. If you manage multiple Facebook Pages, you can configure different push notification settings for each Page.

To turn on Instagram push notifications, go to Settings > Inbox Notifications > Instagram Notifications in the Sprout mobile app. Select which types of notifications you would like to receive: Comments and/or Brand Keyword Locations.

If you have not opted-in to Sprout push notifications in the past, go to Settings > Notifications > Sprout Social and then toggle Allow Notifications.

Focus on What’s Important

If your team works collaboratively to manage the Smart Inbox, push notifications can be used to more effectively share the workload and help each team member focus on what’s most important to them.

Prioritizing on-the-go engagement can be particularly difficult when managing multiple Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles. This is especially true for retail brands that maintain several locations. By configuring push notifications for only the types of Facebook notifications they need, social media managers can stay on top of their inbox to ensure a timely response and follow-up, if action is needed on a message.

Keeping Brands Engaged on Mobile

As mobile continues to be a key trend for consumers, staying on top of social media efforts no matter what time of day is pivotal to delivering the highest value customer care. Facebook and Instagram push notifications help to foster conversations for both your brand and audience.

Stay tuned for more updates to our mobile push notifications within the Sprout apps.

Update: Instagram made changes to their Graph API in 2018, which may affect functionality mentioned above. Read here for more information