At Sprout Insights we provide resources and articles to keep you informed about ways to effectively build your social media presence. But beyond this publication, our parent company Sprout Social has tools that help you track and control that presence. One of the ways that Sprout Social provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your business is with powerful tools to monitor brand mentions from across social networks.

While Sprout Social’s Unified Social Media Inbox is a great start to keeping an eye on incoming brand mentions, it is important to understand that the conversation surrounding your company might expand beyond your Twitter handle or Facebook Page. Fans and repeat customers might follow you and choose to interact with you directly, but others might not know how best to connect. In these situations, having more robust brand monitoring regimen can come in very handy.

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Why Using Brand Keywords Matters

If you set up Sprout Social’s brand keyword monitoring tool, you can input additional search terms associated with your brand to appear in your inbox. Let’s say your company is releasing a new product. By creating search terms to monitor it, you’ll be able to tell when customers mention it and see those comments fall right into place chronologically. Some brands also track common misspellings of their names, or mentions that do not include their Twitter handles.

This tool can also be really useful for discovering new customers. You can find new business by adding keywords for a variety of different activities related to the products and services you offer. Alternatively, you can set up a business intelligence network by tracking the brand mentions and keywords related to your competitors. The more targeted keywords you add, the more information you’ll have at your disposal about potential customers and competitors.

Setting Up Brand Keywords

Once you’ve identified what words you want to track, adding these to your social inbox is simple. In addition to brand keywords, Sprout Social offers some advanced customization options designed to help you target your searches. You can choose to limit your search to just Twitter or Facebook or have Sprout Social only show you brand keywords sent from within a certain radius.

By adding details like this, brand keywords can quickly provide additional insight and value to your brand. Since brand keywords are displayed inline with Facebook and Twitter mentions, there is no extra work required on your part for monitoring.

Brand Keywords In Your Social Strategy

The use of brand keywords can expand far beyond just content and customer discovery. Once you’ve filtered out the noise of your network and honed in on specific keywords or users, these keywords can become a powerful tool to provide better customer service. Since brand keywords provide you with insight into potential customer issues or complaints, you can begin crafting your response and building relationships with customers before they ever reach out to you.

You can also work them into your existing processes by assigning them to team members thanks to the fact that they work within your existing inbox. Whether you need to follow up on a complaint, submit a ticket for a bug or issue or just remember to reach out to a potential customer personally, brand keywords can enhance how you collaborate between departments.

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