Today businesses use Google+ to connect with customers, AdWords to promote products, Maps to update store information, and YouTube to share video content. With so many tasks spread across various tools, you might feel like you’re juggling everything. With that in mind, Google is making it easier to manage your online presence across its various products.

The company has introduced a new dashboard, called Google+ Dashboard, for businesses and Google+ Page owners that will provide you with a one-stop-shop for managing your daily activities around Google’s tools. For example, you can update your information — including website URLs and store hours — on Google Maps, Search, and on Google+, right from the tools Overview tab.

In addition to managing information across these properties, the Google+ Dashboard will also let community and social media managers monitor Google+ notifications, as well as perform standard actions, such as assign page managers, share photos and videos, and even start a Hangout with followers.


Local businesses will appreciate the at-a-glance access to AdWords Express and Offers campaigns. Additionally, you’ll also find insights that include top searches for your business, top locations requesting driving directions, and performance data for your Google+ posts. Although these stats were available previously, they weren’t very easy to access.

Getting started with the Google+ Dashboard is simple: just sign in to Google+ as your page, then click the “Dashboard” icon in the navigation menu. In its announcement, Google alluded that more tools will be added to the dashboard in the future, so stay tuned.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Hans Splinter]