Facebook Pages are an excellent tool for engaging loyal customers and spreading the word about business activities. Pages also help customers, specifically those of restaurants, find open locations, hours of operation, and menu recommendations.

Through various updates, the social network has steadily become a better fit for local and global restaurants of all sizes. With Graph Search, members can find great places to dine based on recommendations of trusted individuals — their friends. And most recently, Facebook made it easier for restaurants to display menus directly on their Pages.

And once a consumer has made the decision to visit your establishment, he or she can make a reservation right from the Facebook mobile app. Discovering new restaurants on the social network couldn’t be easier, but that doesn’t mean that simply building a Page will deliver customers.

If you’re looking to grow your business using Facebook, here are three examples of restaurants with excellent Page presence.

Giordano’s Pizza

Anyone visiting Giordano’s Facebook Page for the first time will immediately get a sense of what the franchise is all about: stuffed pizza. From its cover photo to the keyword-rich description in its About section, the restaurant’s Page sells itself.

Clicking through the About section, potential customers can get a full list of locations, quick access to Giordano’s website, and at-a-glance information about its various services. This might not seem like it’s worth noting, but you’d be surprised how many businesses forget to include these valuable details.

The company also makes sure to utilize its tab section to promote its Ship-a-pizza service — which is especially important for out-of-town visitors. Giordano’s content is consistent, creative, and shareable. But most importantly, the use of vibrant visuals and clever cues inspire its visitors to take action.

Olive Garden

Unlike Giordano’s Pizza, the Olive Garden’s Facebook Page is sporting the new design. This immediately sets it apart from other restaurants that are still waiting for access. Although it’s missing a robust description, clicking through to the About section highlights important details about the business as well as its Facebook comment policy.

Where Giordano’s focused more on the restaurant’s neighborhood impact, the Olive Garden’s content is full of mouth-watering visuals and conversational updates. There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to engaging your customers. This just shows that both businesses have discovered what resonates most with their target audiences.

Jamba Juice

While Jamba Juice isn’t a restaurant in the traditional sense, we wanted to include it because of its keen attention to detail and captivating content. Like the other two businesses mentioned above, Jamba Juice makes good use of its cover photo, About section, and various tabs. But where the company really shines is in its updates.

Jamba Juice’s updates are timely, relevant across a variety of audiences, and most importantly, they express the company’s personality. A good example of this can be seen in its May Fourth and Easter updates. Why does it matter if a restaurant shares good content? Because even if an update doesn’t turn someone into a customer, that person might share the post with their networks, expanding the brand’s awareness to even more potential customers.

That’s not to say that any Facebook Page with vibrant visuals and a quirky sense of humor will automatically find success on the platform. All three of these companies have put an exceptional amount of energy and thought into their outreach strategies. And with just under 8 million fans collectively, it’s obvious their tactics are working.

Of course, there are thousands of local restaurants and global franchises doing wonderful things with their Facebook presence. In fact, you can see a handful of other excellent examples in our earlier article titled 5 Restaurants Using Facebook Right.

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