Soon after introducing hashtags, Facebook confirmed that it’s now testing another Twitter-esque feature: trending topics.

“Today we started running a small test that displays topics trending on Facebook,” confirmed the social network. “It is currently only available to a small percentage of U.S. users who use Facebook’s mobile web site (m.facebook.com) and is still in very early stages of development.”

Members of the test group will notice a new tile in their mobile News Feed that lists one or more trending keywords. Tapping on that topic will display posts from other members, not necessarily from direct connections, that mention those words.

By adding hashtags and now trending topics, Facebook is trying to get more individuals to post publicly. This in turn will help the social network become a stronger and more enticing platform for breaking news and popular commentary.

This isn’t the first feature borrowed from Twitter. In the past few months, Facebook has rolled out verified accounts, embeddable posts, and of course, hashtags. While the company won’t directly say that it’s acting more like Twitter, it’s a plus that many people — including marketers — are already familiar with these features.

For now, trending topics remain available in a very limited capacity. Facebook said that it will share more details down the line if it decides to roll the feature out more widely.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Sarah G]