Last October, Facebook began testing a new single-column layout for Timeline, placing an even greater emphasis on communication. Now it appears that the revamped design has gone live for members in New Zealand, the social network’s usual destination for early rollouts.

The new layout addresses a common complaint about Timeline — many people don’t like having to look back and forth on the page while scrolling through the stream. Now Facebook has put all posts in a single column on the left and activity modules in a narrower column on the right.

While individuals might prefer the new design, there are a couple of downsides should it affect Pages. For example, highlighted posts, such as milestones, can no longer be stretched across the page. Additionally, the social network appears to be moving forward with its latest test, which replaces thumbnail pictures for Friends, Photos, and Map with tabs.

For right now, Facebook Pages and members outside of New Zealand will continue using the current design. A Facebook spokesperson told The Next Web that the company has “no other details to share right now,” which suggests that the rollout will stop in New Zealand, for now. It’s unclear when Facebook will continue the rollout, but we’ll keep you updated on future developments.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit:,]