In an effort to create consistency across its platform, Facebook has announced that it will start merging unique vanity URLs and Facebook email addresses.

The email system — launched by the social network in November 2010 — combines Facebook’s instant messaging system, SMS, Facebook Messages, and email all in one place.

The latest update will automatically sync your Timeline URL and Facebook email address. For example, if your Timeline address is, then your email address will be

Over the next few weeks, Facebook will begin notifying members that haven’t already selected an email address — those that have will be unaffected. This notification serves as a reminder that the email system exists, and Facebook hopes that will boost usage.

By combining addresses, Facebook has made it a lot easier for people to contact you. Once an individual has found your Timeline, he or she now knows your Facebook email address. While many people already favor existing email systems, anyone looking for a more unified experience across the social network might appreciate this update.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Mari Smith]