In an effort to please both advertisers and its user base, Facebook continues to tweak its Sponsored Stories design.

Specifically, the social network has increased the size of certain Sponsored Stories in News Feeds by adding a recent post from that Facebook Page.

Previously, you were unable to feature Page posts in the News Feed unless an individual’s friend took action on that particular post. Now, a recent post will be displayed with every Page-Like story.

While this version takes up more space, it can be argued that it’s less noticeable than the previous iteration, which included a large profile image and a list of friends that have Liked the Page. The latest edition places more focus on the Like call-to-action.

According to Inside Facebook, the new design will also be applied to Page-Like stories that haven’t been sponsored — although an example has yet to be found.

The company seems to be trying to find a happy compromise between its advertisers and members. But while you might be pleased, it’s too early to tell how individuals will react to slightly enlarged ads appearing in their News Feeds. While the company hopes this will help to boost engagement, it could just as much be ignored.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: tanakawho]