Facebook has been making minor tweaks since the launch of Timeline for Pages. Most recently, the social network began testing a new publisher box.

The publisher is the area on Page where you draft posts to your fans. During Timeline’s initial rollout, this included options to post a status, photo, Question, or Milestone. Previously it wasn’t clear that in order to upload a video you had to click on “photo” first.

With the latest update, the publisher features three sections: status, photo/video, and Event/Milestone. If you click on Event/Milestone, you will see options to create an Event, share a Milestone — which commemorate important events — or ask a Question.

According to Inside Facebook, you will soon have the ability to create an Offer from the publisher as well. Currently Facebook Offers — which lets you create deals to share with fans — are limited to specific partners.

While the minor redesign makes it much easier to upload videos and share Events, it does give much less prominence to the Questions feature. Its placement suggests lower priority, but it’s unclear if Facebook is trying to discourage use at this time.

It’s important to note that some people are still seeing the old version of publisher — especially anyone using Facebook as a Page.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: GOIABA – Johannes Fuchs]