Almost a month after Facebook began rolling out photo comments for profiles, the social network is now bringing the same functionality to Pages.

The feature allows both members and Page admins to respond to posts and comments using a photo instead of just text. Previously this could be done by posting a link and Facebook would pull in an image as a thumbnail.

By launching a separate feature, Facebook enables you to upload photos directly from your computer, give you a lot more control of the photos and messages you share. For businesses, enabling photos in comments allows conversations with customers to be more expressive and engaging.

Leaving a photo comment is incredibly simple; just click on the camera icon next to the comment box and upload an image. For now, photo comments can only be uploaded using a desktop or mobile browser. While visible in mobile apps, you can’t yet leave them — this support is expected in a future update.

Visual media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. For brands, photo comments provide an opportunity to really get creative with your Facebook posts and interactions with your fans. Instead of sharing being one-sided (you posting a photo to their feeds) now customers can contribute visually as well.

For example, you can put a call out for interesting ways fans are using your product, or if you have a diverse line-up, you can ask fans to submit photos of your products out in the wild. The possibilities are endless; just take some of the text updates you’ve been sharing and see how you can incorporate images into the responses.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Nina Matthews]