In the past, some Facebook Page owners have complained that it’s difficult to reach large percentages of fans organically due to News Feed algorithms. The social network’s latest test might help you reach new audiences — including those who aren’t yet fans — without paying for ads.

Inside Facebook reported that Teddy Quinn, a PPC strategist for Tenthwave, found a post from Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in his News Feed, not because he Liked that page, but because the post mentioned another page that he did Like.

Although Quinn isn’t connected to Bonnaroo’s page, the festival’s post was shown in his News Feed because it mentioned Portugal. The Man — a band page that Quinn does Like — within it. The post wasn’t sponsored, but it did include a button so he could Like the Bonnaroo page.

As Inside Facebook pointed out, this type of story is similar to the “Recent Articles About” module that helps members discover stories about topics they’re interested in. However, instead of leading offsite to a news source, this particular story focuses on content from Facebook Pages.

More details about this test aren’t available at this time. It’s possible that Facebook is testing how often members want to see posts from Pages their friends Like or Pages similar to the ones they’re already connected to. It could also be the company’s attempt to ease members into seeing more content outside of friends posts.

Keep in mind that this is just a test, not a surefire way to reach larger audiences organically. We’ll keep you updated when/if additional information becomes available.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Andy Hay]