The Facebook Pages Manager app for iOS and Android were updated this week, giving admins several new features and more functionality.

Both apps, which are designed to help admins manage Facebook Pages on the go, now offer “improved” insights making it easier to keep tabs on your posts. Detailed post insights returned to the iOS app in May, following an earlier update that removed them.

If you’re looking to access performance reports and drill down on specific metrics from your mobile device, you might need to rely on other apps. That said, at-a-glance performance metrics, like those offered in the Pages Manager apps, are helpful for a quick peek here and there.

The updated apps also let admins upload multiple photos for a single post, as well as edit the cover photo of a page. Previously you could change the page’s profile image, but it didn’t support cover photo edits. While having the option is appreciated, we think a lot of admins will stick to uploading cover photos on desktop to ensure quality and size.

Additional improvements include the ability to edit and add new admins for the Pages you manage. It was recently announced that you don’t have to be connected (as friends) to add an individual as an admin — all you need is the email address that person used to register for Facebook. Previously this option was only available to some of the social network’s user base; now everyone can use it.

And finally, if you’re using an iOS device, you can now create a Facebook Event hosted by your page, or create an entirely new Facebook Page directly from the Pages Manager app. The new Create Page option can be found in the sidebar. Android also received a handful of device specific updates, which can be viewed/downloaded on Google Play.

You can download the iOS version from Apple’s App Store.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Konrad Chan]