If you’ve been paying close attention to Facebook Insights recently, you might have been receiving false data. In an effort to speed up its iOS and Android apps, Facebook accidentally removed too much data about News Feed posts by Pages, causing Page Insights to be misreported.

When the social network was improving its mobile apps, it decided to transmit the minimum amount of information needed to view News Feed stories. In doing so, Facebook mistakenly stopped sending the markers that Page Insights used to count how many people saw each Page’s posts.

This means that as more members upgraded to the faster apps, their views of your posts within the apps stopped being counted. Therefore, Page Insights displayed fewer feed impressions. To be clear, this only affected Page Insights. Page posts were delivered as expected, they were just counted wrong.

Additionally, a second, less serious bug caused desktop News Feed ads to be counted twice as both organic impressions and paid impressions. At this point, Page Insights was showing inflated organic reach for posts that should have only been counted as ads. So between the two bugs, most Pages were seeing misreported data for months.

After performing an audit of Page Insights, Facebook discovered the bugs, and soon after, it installed new monitoring systems to insure it would instantly catch future Insights errors. Bug fixes are now rolling out and accurate data will begin appearing in Page Insights starting Monday. For most Pages, total reach should go up or stay the same. Heavy advertisers might see an increase in paid reach.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Dennis Vu]