Ever the multitasker, Facebook is testing yet another new feature that could improve consumer engagement on the social network. In addition to Trending Topics, the company appears to be testing a new way to alert members that they have a notification.

Currently Facebook uses a detailed notification in the bottom left portion of the screen. This is used to tell members exactly what happened, such as a response to a comment or photo. The new notification box is similar, but instead of appearing in the lower corner of the screen, it will be displayed directly under the notification icon in the top right toolbar.

This notification box will appear when someone doesn’t immediately check their notifications, prompting them to click on the icon. What’s not clear is whether this will only appear while someone is actively using the website, or if it will remain in place even after someone leaves Facebook and returns.

It’s hard to say whether this test will result in a permanent addition. Facebook’s threaded comments already alert members when someone responds to their comments — which is really useful for driving conversation on Facebook Pages. The test does seem focused on member engagement however, as most brands already rely on a social media management tool to monitor comments, Likes, and so on.

Will notifying someone of a notification drive that person to be more responsive? We suppose only time will tell. If Facebook makes any changes to its notification system, we’ll be sure to update you.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: LEOL30]