Offsite links are about to become more prominent in the Facebook News Feed.

On Facebook, link posts have been much less prominent than photo and video posts, requiring some marketers to upload photos and place links in the captions. But while this might catch more eyes, it doesn’t always result in clickthroughs.

The social network has informed advertisers that posts containing offsite links will now appear with a nearly three times larger image preview. Instead of 90×90 pixels, previews will now be 154×154 pixels.

Also, link summaries will now include more characters, which could help to add context for brands that want to drive traffic to company websites, blogs, and so on. For now, it appears that only the desktop News Feed will be affected. However, it’s fair to assume that mobile support isn’t far off.

One downside is that the change doesn’t seem to apply to video sites like YouTube. This is likely because Facebook wants Page owners and advertisers to upload their videos to the social network instead of hosting them somewhere else.

While standard photo posts might catch more eyes, the new link design could significantly increase engagement with link posts. If you plan on linking to offsite content, you should ensure that your site includes quality images that are at least 154×154 pixels, or larger. The new design is rolling out starting today.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Chee Meng Au Yong]