Facebook updated its standalone app for iOS this week with several small changes and improvements for consumers. Most notably, faster loading for Facebook Events.

Up until now, events was one of the features that hadn’t yet been rebuilt for speed like the News Feed, photos, messages and so on. Now the main events page as well as individual events load much faster. Shorter wait times could lead to more RSVPs and engagement from mobile.

The social network also updated some of the actions surrounding photos, giving you another reason to share high quality images. Now, when viewing a photo full-screen, individuals can save and share it by tapping on the new ellipsis icon. Previously, members had to take a screenshot of their phone to save an image, or leave full-screen mode.

Other updates include easier access to group messaging and improved places editing when checking in on iPhone. This means that when someone checks in to your location, they can suggest edits to the information listed, such as an updated phone number, business hours, or website.

Earlier this month Facebook revealed that it has 751 million mobile active users. With numbers like that, it’s important that its mobile apps be running smoothly and efficiently. Although this update is made up of mostly minor tweaks, they help to improve the overall experience for your customers. And who knows, you might start seeing a notable increase in mobile shares or RSVPs soon.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Casey Fleser]