As it ramps up for its IPO later this week, Facebook continues to make improvements to its mobile experience.

The social network quietly introduced a redesign — which is being rolled out today — for its mobile site and iOS and Android apps that makes photos three times larger.

Taking cues from newly acquired Instagram, single images on Facebook now appear at full width so there’s less need to interrupt News Feed browsing by opening and closing photos.

One of Facebook’s major weaknesses going into its IPO was its lack of mobile adequacy. Although the company boasted more than 425 million monthly active mobile users in December, it was doing little in terms of advertising and ensuring retention.

Earlier this year, Facebook eliminated unnecessary steps needed to interact with News Feed items by placing the Like and comment buttons in a single bar below each post. The company hoped this would speed up content consumption and increase engagement.

Although some argue that there’s simply too much to pack into Facebook’s mobile experience, we think that members will be pleased with this latest design update. If anything, it’ll give individuals a better opportunity to gauge the relevance of a News Feed item before clicking on it.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Johan Larsson]