This week, Facebook announced that it will no longer approve custom Like actions. Instead, the social network now allows developers to add an Open Graph-enabled Like action to their apps.

Facebook’s Like button has become an important part of how people share content online. However, mobile apps haven’t been able to integrate that functionality. Until now, that is.

“You can use the new like action to implement your own like button for a more integrated experience with your app on web and mobile platforms,” explained Facebook engineer Andrew Rothbart.

For example, Instagram and Foursquare both use hearts in their mobile apps. Instead of those actions being seen within each respective app only, they can be published directly to Facebook without any additional steps.

This could help to increase visibility and engagement on Facebook as well since these external actions will appear on individuals’ Timelines and within their friends’ News Feeds. Any app that takes advantage of the new Like feature will require permission to publish that news to the person’s Facebook’s News Feed.

[Via: GigaOm, Image credit: Helen K]