Facebook is getting serious about mobile. Just weeks after announcing its plans to buy Instagram, the company released a standalone camera app that helps you share photos on the social network.

Facebook Camera for iPhone is more focused on helping you upload multiple photos to your Timeline rather than editing them — however, the app does allow you to shoot photos and apply filters.

The app — which features 14 filters — also enables you to add descriptions and tag friends and locations. You’ll also have access to a photo stream, which is essentially your News Feed, but only features photos from friends.

When you first launch the Facebook Camera, it detects any Facebook accounts you’ve associated with your phone. Currently, it doesn’t seem like you can use the app as a Page.

The timing of the launch seems a little confusing as the company’s acquisition of Instagram moves forward. When asked if Facebook Camera would become a direct competitor, a spokesperson told TechCrunch, “As Mark asserted, we’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently, so I anticipate some healthy competition.”

Currently the app is only available for iOS in English-speaking countries and can be downloaded today. It will roll out internationally over the next few weeks.

As for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone support, the company said, “While we don’t comment on future products we are carefully looking at what might make for a good Facebook photos experience across other platforms.”

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Chris Dag]