The fight for viewers is moving overseas as Facebook announced partnerships with a number of international television networks, bringing its API beta program to a much larger audience.

Introduced last month, the two APIs (Public Feed and Keyword Insights) allow content producers and broadcasters to display a real-time stream of public posts mentioned during shows. More importantly, they offer a breakdown of anonymous data on the age, location, and gender of members generating the buzz.

Now these APIs are going international and Facebook will provide data related to user comments and posts to 10 major TV networks in eight different countries, including France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, the UK, and India. This is a major update for the social network, who’s international users total 957 million, or 83 percent of total users on the platform.

The new partnership allows television stations in the U.S. and overseas to encourage personal conversations between Facebook members and it enables them to more easily gauge how their audience is reacting to programming. Although the APIs haven’t been made available to everyone yet, the APIs were recently used in an episode of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Facebook’s new partnerships couldn’t have come at a better time; Nielsen yesterday published the first of its Twitter ratings reports in the U.S. Both services are vying for viewers as they push to host the social conversations around live events and entertainment programming on TV. Now networks will have to figure out a way to get more real-time conversation on Facebook over Twitter.

[Via: The Next Web, Mashable Image credit: tup wanders]