Facebook is reportedly testing a VIP-only mobile app that will help celebrities manage the activity and conversation around their accounts. The app aims to make the experience easier for high-profile individuals, who can cut through the clutter and interact in a more effective way.

Currently, not many details are available regarding how the app will work, but it will supposedly function similarly to Twitter’s mentions feature: it gives celebrities a dedicated place to see when people mention them on Facebook. From there, they can interact with specific fans, reply to comments, and so on.

In a way, this is like the Page Manage app that Facebook released last year which helps brands manage their presence on the social network and interact with their communities on the go. It provides Page admins with an easy way to access the features most important to them, without sifting through all of the clutter from their personal profiles.

AllThingsD, which first reported the test, believes that this is an attempt to bring Facebook closer in line with Twitter. The microblogging platform allows for easy monitoring of @replies, something that could come in handy as the social network pushes to ramp up public sharing.

Whether this will encourage more celebrities to increase engagement is unknown. The app is currently being tested with a small group of partners, and Facebook will share more details if it plans to roll it out more widely. At that point, marketers should be able to determine whether or not it’ll be a useful addition to their social tool set.

[Via: AllThingsD, Image credit: Joe Shlabotnik]