Pinterest is an image-focused social media platform with over 200 million monthly users.

The channel is similar to a digital scrapbook, where users share inspiration, motivational pictures and ideas. More than just a place to save ideas, Pinterest has also emerged as a valuable marketing tool. 87% of Pinterest users say they have bought a product they have seen on the site.

Pinterest has a number of features that can’t be found on other social channels, including pins and boards. A Pinterest board is the heart of a user’s virtual image collection.

What is a Pinterest board?

Unlike standard pictures posted on Facebook or Instagram, your Pinterest Pins are organized on boards. A Pinterest board is a collection where users save specific pins. Usually, each board has its own independent theme or purpose. For instance, you may have a social media marketing board or a graphic design board.

Your Pinterest profile is made up of multiple boards that cover each of your interests. As time passes, users either add extra content to their Pinterest boards or create new ones.
Pinners (the other users on Pinterest) follow either your entire Pinterest account or the specific boards that interest them the most.

How to create a Pinterest board

To make a Pinterest board, sign into your account and click on the Add+ button in the top right of the page. A pop-up box will appear that allows you to choose between adding a pin, uploading content, or creating a board.

Select Create a Board and the platform will ask you to enter the necessary information about the content you’re going to be collecting. Select a category such as “Wedding”, give your Pinterest board a name and decide who should have access to the board. There’s an option for just you to pin, or for your friends or contributors to add material too.

Pinterest boards with straightforward and clear names generally capture attention the most. It may be worth using basic SEO principles and keywords where necessary.

Best practices for Pinterest boards

Choosing what to include on your Pinterest Board will depend on your business and social media goals. Some of the best ways to use your Pinterest boards include:

  • Taking part with trending topics and keywords: Finding out what’s trending on Pinterest may help you to capture the attention of your audience. Make sure that the content you share is relevant to your audience and company.
  • Using promoted pins or Pinterest ads: Promoted pins generally look like regular pins. However, you will pay for your material to reach more people. Promoted pins drive greater visibility to your brand and your website.
  • Studying Pinterest analytics: Pinterest analytics give you insights into the people viewing your pins and pages. You’ll be able to learn more about audience demographics, the devices that people use to see content and more.
  • Participating in group boards: Group boards on Pinterest are collaborative boards owned by a single person. This is an excellent way to get your pins in front of a larger group of people and find potential collaborators.