Newsjacking is a term coined by David Meerman Scott in his book, “Newsjacking.” According to Scott, Newsjacking is the process of adding your thoughts and opinions into breaking news stories. It’s piggybacking on trending news topics to get yourself noticed.

Aligning yourself with popular topics brings more attention to your business. Newsjacking boosts SEO by giving you more keywords and phrases to rank for. With your finger on the pulse, you attract attention from a wider audience.

When Newsjacking Works 

Good newsjacking requires a thorough understanding of breaking information and trending topics.

As stories begin to trend, search traffic for keywords in that story starts to accelerate. Google often features articles about trending stories at the top of the search results. Additionally, trending stories are highlighted by Twitter and Facebook.

To newsjack at the right time, you must get in before the story peaks. Though there’s often tough competition for trending traffic, companies that get in early collect backlinks from other outlets using their content as a reference.

How to Start Newsjacking

The first step in newsjacking is finding the right stories to jump on. There will always be opportunities in this fast-paced world. Identifying trending terms and hashtags quick enough will allow you to ride the wave of popularity.

Track relevant news by:

Newsjacking To-Do List

The key to newsjacking is jumping on stories before your competitors.

Once you have a strategy for tracking potential stories, you’ll need to act quickly. Some of the best things you can do include:

Benefits of Newsjacking

Newsjacking is complex. It requires companies to be constantly aware of the latest news relevant to their industry or brand. However, used correctly, newsjacking is also beneficial because it: